Leasure Time

Adventure Golfing with view onto the Möhnesee

… six-foot rocks, winding paths, natural watercourses and strokes up to 50 m!
.. even Indiana Jones himself would have a great time!

Experience Germany´s biggest adventure – golfing park in the amusement park of Möhnesee/Körbecke. Stroke the ball around rocks and trees, try to overcome the watercourses, play around the tricky bunker and hit the ball up to 50 m.
Make your way through the undergrowth/ to the next “green” and enjoy the beautiful view onto the lake at the same time. 18 completely different lanes offer a great variety and challenge your luck and your tactical skills.


Holiday at the Möhnesee

  The Möhnesee, also called the Westphalian Sea, belongs to the biggest swimming lakes of North Rhine-Westphalia and it can be reached comfortably by our in-house bikes. The Möhnesee  is framed by  the Arnsberger Forest, the biggest woodland area of NRW. The water surface reaches 10 qkm.

From the hotel to the  Möhnesee

You are looking for a hotel at the Möhnesee? The Möhnesee, sometimes also called Möhnestausee, is an artificial lake in North Rhine - Westphalia, Germany. The whole dam consists of the concrete dam, the Möhnestausee arranged in front of it and the balancing lake with a water power station in behind. You can reach the Möhnesee by bike within 10 minutes from our hotel with the Möhne right on your side.



The brewery with a new visitor center.

Explore and experience one of the most modern breweries of the continent. Since the expansion of the visitor center, there are now more flexible possibilities for visitors to come. You are now invited to sign up your visit at 7 days a week to get an insight view in the art of brewery.

By bike to the beach

You can reach comfortably various places by bike straight away from our hotel. Enjoy your visit at the beautiful palm beach nearby…
Experience the “beach feeling of the Indian Ocean” of the Möhnesee, where you can find a large artificial and attractive sandy beach. Cozy lounges, beach chairs, sunbeds, cocktail bars and a beach volleyball fields complete the wide range of activities at the Möhnesee. Come to the beach within easy reach by bike in 30 minutes. Therefore you may rent our in-house bikes.


Lippstadt - Venice of Westfalia

Lippstadt is a district town in North Rhine -Westphalia which belongs to the district of Soest since 1975.
It was built as a planned city in 1185 and therefore is the oldest founded settlement of Westphalia. Surrounded by the Sauerland and the Münsterland lies this watery (but with low precipitation) town of Westphalia. Get inspired by the charm of the town. Far beyond the boundaries of the town, Lippstadt is well known as an attractive place to go shopping at.


Safari park “Stukenbrock”

Germany’s largest safari and theme park in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock…
There are more than 600 animals, 20 drive-by attractions and Hollywood shows which regularly wow the audience. You can reach the park by car in 20 minutes. Next to the drive-by possibilities you may also experience the animals at close hand. Special highlights are the white lions and tigers.


Cart track Büren - pure fun!

Opened in September 1996, the cart track Bühren offers tricky chicanery and straights on 1000 m length and 6 to 8 m width.
You can find the outdoor cart track near our hotel (30 minutes by car). It is open daily from 10 am to 9 pm. Right next to the carting route there is a small go-cart shop and a bistro with sundeck. For more information click on the link below.


Karl - May - Festival “Elspe”

Elspe Festival Street Party + music show + action and stunts…
Crashing rocks, burning houses, exploding wagons and breathtaking horses – action promises great suspense – not only for Winnetou fans!

You can find more information on the schedule on the homepage.


Historic center of Soest

Soest is a old town, a former "Hansestadt" and now center of the district. We recommend a visit to this unique and ancient hanseatic city. Beside of the widely known rural charm, the city offers a wide range of specialty stores, cozy restaurants, cafés and churches. One of the regional highlights is the “All Saints – fair”, the biggest European indoor-fair which takes place in November.


The Wewelsburg

The Wewelsburg is a castle complex in the district of Wewelsburg next to Büren, district Paderborn.
Situated over the valley of the Alme, the castle is the only one with a triangular-shaped ground plan in Germany. The castle was built in style of the Weser renaissance as a second residence for the Paderborn Prince-bishop. The complex combines a youth hostel and the district museum “Wewelsburg” with the historical museum of the Paderborn fund.  You may also take a look at a dungeon which was used for witch trials in early new age.
 Furthermore, a separate museum shows the history of past years. From 1933 to 1945 the castle was used as a place for ceremonial gatherings of the SS, known as “Himmlers Gralsburg”. Former rebuilds like a tomb, a  saloon with occult ornaments “Black Sun” for the executive officers of the SS, as well as construction plans for a monumental reconstruction (in shape of a spear) are evidence for the madness of this regime.


Wintersports ressort Willingen

Willingen is a winter sports resort which is advertised as “ Willingen Hochsauerland”. It is known internationally for its annual ski-jumping world cup of the FIS at the Mühlenkopfschanze… The journey takes approximately 60 minutes. Because of our broad  offering, take a look at the homepage of the community Willingen.



Health ressort Bad Sassendorf

A visit to this spacious health resort of Bad Sassenberg is always a pleasure..


Paderborn - loveable city

The bishop and university town has a 1000 years history.

Various sights, the contrast between high-tech and middle age charm and the pulsing life make Paderborn that interesting. Add to your trip a visit to the proximate Wewelsburg.
Visit our homepage for more information on the schedule for a guided tour.


Cave in the Warsteiner wildpark

A walk in the Warsteiner wild park is a unique adventure. In the Warsteiner wild park you may watch animals like lynxes, foxes, red-, fallow- and sikadeer in its natural environment.
Generous enclosures offer an ideal view!

Eissportzentrum Möhnesee

Opening period:

Mo 09.00-12.00 Uhr
Tu 09.00-12.00 Uhr & 15.00- 18.00 Uhr
Wed 09.00- 12.00 Uhr, 15.00- 17.00 Uhr & 20.00-22.00 Uhr (Oldie-Musik)
Fr 09.00- 12.00 Uhr, 15.00- 18.00 Uhr & 20.00- 23.00 Uhr (Eisdisko)
So 11.00-18.00 Uhr (Familientreff)

“Bike Park Warstein”

You are a mountain biker or a racing cyclist? Then come and visit the “Warsteiner biking -park” in Rüthen Kallenhardt. Dirt, downhill, freeride, northshore and slopestyle routes are available for the guests. The park is conducted by bikers for bikers.

There are inwards skills-and endure roads for amateurs and advanced learners.

The guests will be convinced by the car-free hiking-, riding and bicycle paths as well as the cozy hut gastronomy with beer gardens offering delicious food and snacks.


Outdoor activities & Teambuilding


Especially our business clients have the possibility to extend their stay through meeting and conference seminars. On top of that, we cooperate with experts for outdoor activities in the neighborhood, event-planning agency “Christian Becker”.